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Light-Table Guide

The light-table places a cookie on your computer that will remain in effect for one month. You must have your browser 'cookies' feature enabled in order to create a light-table. Enable 'cookies' in the preferences of your browser.

The light-table can hold a maximum of 30 images.

You can only have one light-table at a time. If you wish to create additional light-tables, we suggest you do one of the following:

1) Access your Light-table by clicking the My Light-table link at the top of the page. When your Light-table appears add it to your Favorites in your browser. Give the page a Name relevant to the content in the Light-table.

2) Click the "email your Light-table" link at the top of your light-table page. When the email window opens up, type in YOUR email address as the recipient. Once you send and receive the light-table email, you can save it in a special folder for Painet light-tables.

In both cases above, you may then delete the current light-table, by clicking the link "Clear your Light-table" at the top of the page, and start another light-table.

Certain browsers do not support the light-table email feature. This may be the case if an email window does not open when clicking the "email your Light-table to a friend or associate" link at the top of a page. In this case, you might also copy the URL Locator Address of your light-table and manually paste the URL into an email message that you create manually.

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