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Viewing Your Images

You may view your images by accessing your special page at:

where XXX is your unique 2 or 3 letter code.

(Copy and paste the address to the Location Bar of your browser and replace the XXX with your unique 2 or 3 letter code.)

Note: FTP'd or Emailed Images are uploaded weekly (on average). DVD and CD images are uploaded within a week after they are received. You may search for your images by following this link

where YYMMDD is the year, month and day (e.g. 051225) and XXX is your photographer's code (in lower case letters). If you are not sure of the exact date, you may use a shorter version of the date YYMM (e.g. 0512 to find all your images uploaded in December of 2005). If you do not have a photographer's code, or, do not remember your code, email painet@painetworks and request a code lookup.

Your personal Sales Account, which is activated on your first sale and updated daily thereafter, is located at:

where XXX is your photographer's 2 or 3 letter code (in lower case letters).

 Painet Inc. <> PO Box 1223, El Prado, NM 87529-1223 USA <>