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How To Submit Photos To Painet

(Submission Guidelines for Photographers)

Our general photo needs include anything and everything. We accept photos for review from anyone and everyone.

Painet is stock photo agency that works mainly with advertising agencies, book publishers, photo researchers and graphic designers. We take a standard 40% agency commission and pay our photographers 60%, daily. You may view the individual contract and the agency contract by clicking the links to the left. Print out, complete and mail (Painet Inc; PO Box 171; Montezuma, NM 87731 USA), or email to, a copy of the contract when sending your first submission.

File types

Note: UPLOAD HIGHEST QUALITY JPEGS ONLY. Images should open to 24MB, or more, in a graphics application, such as Photoshop. As of February 22, 2010, due to bandwidth limitations, we no longer can support uploading of RAW or TIFF files. We have also changed our activation time period for new submissions to one month in lieu of weekly.

File size

24 MB minimum (when opened in Photoshop). We strongly recommend that digital camera images are captured on a digital camera capable of producing files of 24MB and upwards. If compression is used (e.g. JPEG), we require a compression ration of 12:1 or less. For example, an image file which opens to 60MB in Photoshop must appear as 5MB or more on our hard-drive (12:1 comptression ratio). Note: Painet no longer accepts Low Res Images. Commissions Rates to photographers are 60%.

Keywording, Model Release, Name, email address & mailing address

We prefer you put your keywording, full Name, email address and mailing address information in the IPTC headers (File Info). Painet exports all IPTC fields. If you FTP the images be sure to include your full name and email address in one of the IPTC data fields. If you want to avoid our having to email you for your mailing address when you have a sale, include your mailing address in one of the IPTC fields. An alternative is to email us an Excel spreadsheet or Word Document. Note: If you put your photographers code (including the underscore) in front of your image filenames, there is no need to include your contact information in the IPTC metadata. We would already have your contact information on file. If you do NOT use your code in front of your image names, the contact information must be supplied in the IPTC area. Email to obtain your unique code. Type 'request code' in the subject field of the email to insure your code request gets to us. If you send your images on CD or DVD, it is not necessary to use your code in front of the image names...we will do it for you.

Photographer Codes

Email to request your unique photographers code.


FTP instructions: Click the ftp instructions link on the menu to the left.

Email: to A maximum of 18MB in each email.
Type 'image submission' in the subject field of the email to insure your email gets to us.

DVDs or CDs: Mail to Painet, PO Box 171; Montezuma, NM 87731 USA

Note: FTP'd or Emailed Images are uploaded monthly (on average). DVD and CD images are uploaded within a month after they are received. You may search for your images by following this link

where YYMMD is the year, month and day (e.g. 051225) and XXX is your photographer's code (in lower case letters). If you are not sure of the exact date, you may use a shorter version of the date YYMM (e.g. 0512 to find all your images uploaded in December of 2005). If you do not have a photographer's code, or, do not remember your code, email painet@painetworks and request a code lookup.

 Painet Inc. <> PO Box 1223, El Prado, NM 87529-1223 USA <>