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Step 1

If you have photos on the Painet website you aready have your own website on the Painet server. The address of your website is:

where xxx is your 2 or 3 letter photographer code, excluding the underscore ( _ ). The code must be in lower case or small letters. If you don't know your photographer code, you may email painet@stellarnet and request a code lookup. If you are not sure if you have images represented by Painet, click HERE to view a list of all the photographer websites. If you name is on the list, click on your name to view your website. If your name is not on the list, we do not represent any of your images.

When you search on your website your images (only) will appear in the results.

If you have not yet set up your website homepage, click HERE to view the default website. This is how your website will look if you have not yet completed this setup Step 1. Click HERE to view a website which has completed Step 1. Note: it is not necessary to set up your website in order to be represented by Painet.

There are two elements which make your website unique and variable. The first is the Logo, the second the Panorama of images. Both of these elements can be changed every 3 months.

Logo & Panorama Change

The logo is located at the top left of your website. In the default website it is the text graphic 'add your logo and/or text here'. The size of this graphic is 187 pixels x 47 pixels. The name of this graphic is logo.JPG. The logo is a JPEG formatted graphic. Following are suggested steps to create your logo.

1. In your graphics application (such as Photoshop), create a new window/document
with a width of 935 pixels and a height of 235 pixels.
2. Create your logo... if your wish to create a seamless blend with the
background, the background color is 96968B (html code) or 59%/59%/55% (R/G/B).
3. Resize the logo to 187 pixels wide x 47 pixels high.
4. Save the logo with the name logo.JPG , as a JPEG formatted graphic with a Quality
of 3 or 4. Note: If you created layers when making your Logo, be sure to flatten the
composite image before saving as a JPEG.
The JPG extension must be in upper case
or capital letters. The suggested filesize of the logo should be less than 50Kb to
provide fast loading to your website.
5. Email the logo.JPG to, as an attachment. Indicate your
website code (e.g. zzXXXz, where XXX is your 2 or 3 letter photographer code),
in the body of the email.
6. The logo should appear on your website within the next business day.

The Panorama moves 10 of your selected images across the window of your website. The Panorama width will be sized to the monitor resolution being used. For example, if the monitor resolution viewing your website is 1024 pixels, the panorama will be 1024 pixels wide.

The names of the 10 images are 01.JPG , 02.JPG , 03.JPG , 04.JPG , 05.JPG , 06.JPG , 07.JPG , 08.JPG , 09.JPG and 10.JPG (the JPG must be in upper case or capital letters)

Following are suggested steps to create your panorama images.

1. Open 10 of your images in your graphics application, such as Photoshop.
2. Resize each one so that the height is 256 pixels. Be sure to constrain proportions so
that the width changes proportionately to the height.
4. Save each of the 10 images as 01.JPG through 10.JPG. Use Quality setting 3. Do not
save the images as Progressive JPEGS.
5. Email the 10 images to, as attachments. Indicate your
website code (e.g. zzXXXz , where XXX is your 2 or 3 letter photographer code.)
in the body of the email.
6. The panorama of your images should appear on your website within the next
business day.

Combined Uploading

You may place the panorama images named 01.JPG through 10.JPG , along with the logo.JPG in the same email, as attachments, when emailing them to us.

Upgrade to a 100% Commission website

Now that you have completed your free website (Plan A) you can upgrade to a 100% Commission website. Your current website pays 60% commission on sales of images delivered as high res (24Mb or more when opened in Photoshop, with a compression ratio of 12:1 or less if a JPEG formatted image).

There are two upgrades available. Plan B allows Painet to market your images, while Plan C does not. Both plans allow for fullfillment (delivery of the prodiuct) by you.

To begin the upgrade process... Click here...


 Painet Inc. <> PO Box 1223, El Prado, NM 87529-1223 USA <> tel.: 701-484-1251 (Google Voice # toll-free in USA)