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Features of the various hosting solutions provided by Painet

All images submitted to Painet will also appear on a free website of your own, hosted by Painet... for free. Any images you already have on the Painet website will automatically be transferred to your website. This website has all the features of Plan B below. 100% of the sales revenue from this website will go to the Photographer/Agency. Any orders from your website will go directly to you. If you are not able to fulfill orders, for any reason, Painet will fulfill your customer orders for a 20% fee. To setup your website, read and follow the instructions for Plan B below. If you have studied Plan B previously, we have added several important features. 1) The ability to change prices. This can be done once each year. 2) Increased search capabilities. The default search is now AND with stemming. The previous RELEVANCE seach is still selectable. 3) New, improved cosmetic additions, such as on page preview with mouseover close, thumbnails more centered on the page. Click HERE to see the latest additions to the results page.

Click HERE to view a free website which has completed Plan B steps.

Painet Inc offers a unique, one-of-a-kind photo marketing solution for photographers. No where else (as far as we know) can you aquire a full suite of features and management of those features for so little..





cost per month



sales commission rate to photographer




hosted by Painet Inc

5 terabyte bandwith (5000 gigabytes) per month

DS3/T3 - 45 Mbps data rate (87 x faster than 512 DSL)

fastest relevance photo search on the internet

panorama of photos you can change every 3 months

link to your site on Painet homepage (a top 50,000 site)

preview pages you may index on Google, Yahoo, etc.

light-table for your clients

shopping cart and e-commerce checkout for your clients

fulfillment (photo delivery to client) by You *

allowance for price changes to your licenses yearly

invisible counter to track number of searches on your site

Submit up to 30,000 images initially & 3,000 per month *

your photos NOT also placed on *

* You will be advised how to create your own free, password protected, e-commerce account on You can then provide us with your account Username (not the password) and the mals-e website URL (e.g., where your orders are processed and we will then insert these into your shopping cart pages. Orders which originate from your site will then be directed to the email address you provided mals-e. You may then go on the mals-e website and retrieve the customers credit card or PayPal payment information. In the case of credit card orders, you would have to transact the payment on your own credit card terminal. Mals-e also has provision for real-time processing by a third-party and charges a minimal fee for this service. If you elect to allow PayPal payments you would need to have a PayPal account (
If you already have a PayPal account, you will be prompted to provide mals-e your PayPal account email address to facilitate order processing.

In order get you up and running quickly, mals-e has set up new carts to accept credit cards immediately, using PayPal as the payment processor. This is a tremendous development for those of you who do not have credit card terminal or a third-party account. PayPal is continuing to gain ground with both customers and merchants:
* One in three US online shoppers now has a PayPal account
* Customers no longer have to join PayPal to pay by card!
* PayPal dooesn't charge a set-up or monthly fee

Fulfillment (delivery of the product to the customer) would be completed by you. Painet will not receive notification of orders originating from your site. If you do not have the wherewithal to fulfill customer orders (e.g. you are a travel stock photographer and work alone) and you select Plan B, Painet will fulfill the order for a 20% fee. In this case, we would provide you a Painet email address (eg., which you would provide to mals-e as the email address to forward orders. The orders would then go to your Painet email address, You would then set up your email software to automatically forward any orders, coming in to your Painet email address, to and we would deliver the image(s) to the customer. We would then invoice you for the fee. You would retain the ability to disable the forwarding of orders to Painet, in the event you are able to fulfill orders yourself. Speaking of invoicing, your mals-e account will automatically email your customers an email receipt. In most cases, the customer will accept this as an invoice. In those rare cases, when a paper invoice is required, you would provide that to the customer.

* Other submission quantity options are available, up to 300,000 initially and 30,000 additional per month. Call 701-484-1251 (Google Voice # toll-free in USA) for details. Note: Under Plan A, there is no limit (either initially or monthly) to the number of images you may submit.

* In Plans A & B, you submit hi-res images (8 bit, 24Mb or larger when opened in Photoshop, with a compression ratio of 12:1 or less). We prefer you have your keywords in the IPTC of each image. However, we will also accept an Excel or Word document containing the keywords, if the number of inages delivered in the same batch is 100 or more,. Click on submit images link on the left menu list for details. The images submitted will be placed on your website as well as the Painet website. In Plan A, orders placed from the Painet website, and your website, will be fulfilled by Painet. In Plan B, orders placed from the Painet website will be fulfilled by Painet. Orders placed from your website would be fulfilled by you.
In Plan C you submit lo-res images (JPEGS preferred, with a minimum dimension of 600 pixels and a compression ratio of 12:1 or less). The images submitted will be placed on your website only.
Plans B & C are entirely autonomous. There is no connection (link) to Painet on any of your pages. You may redirect your own domain name to your website/agency address on the Painet server. There is no contract involved. However we absolutely will not host any site that includes; porn, racist or sexist material, any so called "adult" content, software for spamming or spam lists. We will delete any website that has this sort of material. If you are unsure if this might include you or your organization then please ask first. Also, under Plan B, we reserve the right to edit out any images which we deem to be inappropriate for reasons of content, poor quality, etc.

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 Painet Inc. <> PO Box 1223, El Prado, NM 87529-1223 USA <