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Keywording Specifications

Adding your description/keywords in the File Info ( IPTC ) of Photoshop.

We prefer you put your keywording, Model Release, full Name, email address and mailing address information in the IPTC headers (File Info). Painet exports all IPTC fields. If you FTP the images be sure to include your full name and email address in one of the IPTC data fields, unless you follow up your FTP with an email listing the Image IDs you just FTP'd. If you want to avoid our having to email you for your mailing address when you have a sale, include your mailing address in one of the IPTC fields. An alternative is to email us an Excel spreadsheet or Word Document.
Note: If you have already provided us your contact information ( by email or by IPTC in previous image submissions ), there is no need to provide it in future IPTC image submissions....your full name will suffice.

Keywording tips

Keywording may seem time consuming, but it is an extremely significant factor in enhancing your sales potential. You may have the most striking, inspirational and relevant imagery, but unless the buyer can find the image, and find it for a variety of purposes, you will be greatly reducing your sales potential. When keywording your images there are some important considerations:

* The Painet search engine only searches the first 25 words. The caption is searched first. If the caption does not contain 25 words, the remaining words are selected from the keyword field, starting from the top. The caption and keywords are checked against a list of 320 non-searchable words and any matches are not included in the 25 word maximum. If you are accustomed to using non-searchable words in your captions/descriptions, it is a good idea to have more than 25 words total in your captions/keywords.
* The Painet search engine recognizes conventional plurals so if you've added 'dog' there's no need to add 'dogs' as the system will do that for you. However, if you add octopus you wouldn't also get the word octopi. So the simplest rule is, if in any doubt whatsoever please add the plural versions.
* We do not employ a thesaurus, so you may want to include different words that mean the same thing. For example, if you add 'woman' you may want to add 'female' also.
* We do not employ a spell checker, please ensure you double check your spellings before saving.
* When settling down to keyword an image, a methodical approach can often help. You could try using the following checklist to ensure you cover all aspects of the image:
* click here to download a FREE copy of Keyword Compiler» for Mac or PC, the best keywording software available, in our opinion.

Simply describe what you can see - e.g. boy, girl, children, beach, sun, sand, sky, car, shadow.

Attributes of the objects in the image - e.g. happy, smiling, walking, blue, young, old.

That may be specific - e.g. The White House, Washington DC, USA; or it could be more generic - e.g. office, school, home.

What's happening in the image - chasing, playing , moving, touching, shouting, flying.

Describe the concepts that the image evokes - think around the subject and don't be afraid use concept keywords such as heat, power, happiness, strength, humour, teamwork, tranquility etc.

Think carefully about the keywording and ensure you go further than simply describing what you can see - but if in doubt about a keyword, put it in - if you think its a relevant keyword, then it most likely is.

Cut & Paste
Remember you can cut and paste the keywords and this can save an enormous amount of time. However, we have seen cases where this has been counterproductive. If the first image is a couple on a beach, don't forget to remove the word 'couple' when you paste the keywords into another image from the same shoot, which now only has the man present. It may sound common sense, but we do see it happening.

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