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Click a thumbnail image to bring up a larger preview image on the same page. When using Internet Explorer 5 or earlier on an Apple computer, the right and bottom borders of the preview image will extend to the edges of the page.

Click on the thumbnail image to popup a preview image showing the photographer who holds the copyright for the image as well as other important links. When the popup appears, again click on the underlined Image ID number (followed by an asterisk *) to bring up a formatted email message having the Image ID as the subject. Send this email to receive a comp image (approximately 512 x 768 pixels), within 3 minutes, by return email. If your browser does not open an email window when clicking the image ID number, you might create on outgoing email in your email client (such as AOL, MSN, Yahoo, etc) and paste the six-character image ID of the image in the subject field, then send the email to to receive your comp image within 3 minutes. The subject field cannot contain any spaces or other text; otherwise our auto-responder server will reject your request.

Click on the magnifying glass on a search results page to add the image to your light-table. Click on the magnifying glass on your light-table page to remove the image from your light-table. You must have your browser 'cookies' feature enabled in order to add images to a light-table. Enable 'cookies' in the preferences of your browser.

Click on the [ My Light-table ] script at the top of a page to view the images on your Light-table. Again, you must have your browser 'cookies' feature enabled in order to create and view light-tables.

Click on the Shopping Cart icon to add images to a Shopping Cart, or, to Check Prices of images. The Shopping Cart is useful when ordering from a Light-table..

Click on the Dollar Sign if you have a list of one or more images you wish to order, or, to Check Prices of images.

Click on the Similar Symbol next to a thumbnail image to perform a Similar search... a new search using the keywords of the image you selected. In some cases, the Similar search may take more time because of the greater number of keywords to search. This feature will find all similar images with a common theme and place them at the top. Similar search results may include many images that are not wanted; however, these will appear further down in the results. When you notice the images changing from the desired theme this means there are probably no more images with that theme in the results. A similar search is also useful to view images, of the same subject, by the same photographer. Since photographers provide the keywords for their own images, individual subjects will have similar keyword structure.

Click on the Click to make this page your homepage link (at the bottom left of the page) if you wish to initially access this page whenever you open your browser. This feature works with PCs running Internet Explorer 5+ or Firefox.

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